Work The Runway

  • Content strategy
  • Content governance and workflow modelling
  • Technical platform review
  • UX/UI design
  • GovCMS SaaS
  • Maintenance
  • Graphic and image support
  • Video production
  • Ongoing strategic and communications council

Icon Agency was engaged by the Royal Australian Air Force to deliver a content strategy, governance and project blueprint for the delivery of a professional development website called ‘The Runway’.

We then turned our sights to the design, development and launch strategy for the platform – one that will foster a new, broad community of learning across Air Force and the wider Defence community.


Part of a modernised Air Force Professional Military Education Framework

Traditionally Air Force has developed trade-focused, technical masters who are committed to their fields of expertise. However, as Australia moves to a 5th-Generation Air Force it is adopting multidimensional, dynamic, network-centric warfare approach. This demands adaptation from the traditional Airman, focused on technical mastery, to an Airman focused more broadly and dynamically as Professional Masters within the Australian Air Force Profession of Arms.

The Runway was established as part of the modernised Air Force Professional Military Education (PME) Framework to provide a through-career program delivering coherent technical, combat and social mastery development for all Airmen by drawing on contemporary thinking and information resources across relevant Runway-specific topics.


Extending Professional Military Education through contemporary thinking and information resources

The Runway required adherence to the DTA’s Digital Service Standard and offer a level of participation not normally achievable through a GovCMS deployment. Working to a detailed set of internal requirements, governance challenges and identified risks required careful planning, extensive consultation and agile delivery.


Launching a professional and scalable platform to help develop breadth and depth of knowledge

Assisting in the development of informed Airmen, both individually and collectively, in terms of both breadth and depth of knowledge is The Runway’s primary purpose.

The Runway website was launched as a professional development platform that provides curated content across key areas considered important to the modern Airman’s understanding of the emerging sphere of conflict. As a digital learning platform, The Runway is ever-present and represents the ‘mortar’ to the Air Force’s professional military education (PME) architecture. 

Contemporary and diverse content is curated to sharpen the intellectual edge of Air Force professional masters who will positively influence joint operational outcomes. While pubic facing, The Runway also provides an inclusive space for its members where rank flat discourse is encouraged around published content and online events.

Through a personalised and responsive online experience, the website gives Defence members the ability to filter content by topic, PME level, read time, themed collections and online events. Visitors can also access cuated video and podcasts via a Netflix-like interface.

Visit The Runway to see more.